Hands-on Elders

Hands-on Elders


Gentle Massage and Bodywork Services for
Elders and Caregivers

Hands-On Elders, Inc
PO Box 229
Hadley, MA 01035
(413) 253-0515

Hands-on Elders, Inc, (HoE) is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving elders and elder caregivers in Hampshire County and parts of Franklin County. After 8 successful years in Taos, Taos Pueblo, and northern NM, services began in western Massachusetts sponsored by Highland Valley Elder Services from 2005-2008 and by the Community Foundation from 2008-present.

The HoE team of professionals provides a variety of personalized services focused on gentle massage therapy and other forms of bodywork by licensed or certified practitioners. Other personal services may include companionship, picnics, reading and writing for the visually impaired.

We match participants one-on-one with our professional therapists. The program has served more than 100 elders and caregivers at weekly clinics at the Northampton Senior Center, in homes, and in therapists’ offices.


Why is Touch Important for Elders & Caregivers?

Sensitive, skilled and caring touch can provide comfort to elders when illness, disability or aging reduce the capacity to enjoy life’s simple tasks. In addition to relieving many physical discomforts, skilled touch can provide focused attention that is relaxing, calming, reassuring and healing. Nurturing touch provided to the caregivers of elders offers relief from the repetitive, demanding and often difficult tasks in the daily care of a loved one.

Massage therapy has been shown to reduce muscle tension, stimulate circulation, speed healing and boost the immune system. Our variety of modalities—the gentle, reassuring touch of Reiki; the rocking motion of the Trager® approach; the coordination of body systems and injury support with Body-Mind Centering®; the “listening” touch of Rosen Method Bodywork to help people relax in their bodies and be more comfortable with their emotions; the gift of Voice/Sound work for healing and self-expression; and the delicate hands-on rhythms of CranioSacral Therapy–can have positive effects on mental-emotional states as well as health and well -being.

“People who are very sick long to be touched, long to be treated as living people and not diseases. A great consolation can be given to the very ill simply by touching their hand…gently massaging them…or breathing in the same rhythm gently with them.”

Sogyal Rinpoche,
The Tibetan Book of the Living and Dying.

Testimony by Caregivers

“This is the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

“I need less medication after I see you, can nap a little longer.”

“I don’t feel like giving up anymore-everything flies away – I really do feel different after this.”


Beth Goren & client at Northampton Senior Center Clinic

Testimony by Elders

“I would never let anyone touch me before, but with someone you trust,
it is so healing.”

“Personally, I now feel pain-free in specific areas and less pain overall.”

‘I’m beginning to love my body with
this work.”

“I recognize Hands-on Elders as a
truly important contribution to the community.”


Ziji Beth Goren, RSMT, Director HoE, Certified Body-Mind Centering® Practitioner,
Massage and Movement Therapy, Injury treatment
Paula Mara Lyons, BS, LCMT, OTL, Wholistic Massage & Health Education
Joyce Silverstone, Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner & Teacher
Marianna Frantz, BA, Ms.T, CTP, LMT, TRAGER®, Massage Therapy, Reiki II
Nancy Paglia, M.Ed, LCMT, Massage Therapy (Swedish and Polarity), Yoga
Jodi Kaufman, LCMT, Massage Therapy
Rachel Besserman, MA, LCMT, Medical Massage, Reiki

We continue to expand services through education and outreach. If you are aware of an elder or caregiver who may be interested in receiving services, please call Beth Goren, Director, at (413) 253-0515. Fees are individually assessed based on a sliding scale for income level and the location of service provided. Donations to HoE make this program possible and are greatly appreciated.


  • Join our Team of Providers
  • Assist with Legal Services
  • Assist with Organization, Record-keeping, Research and Grants


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  • Donor $100-$499
  • Sponsor $500-$999
  • Patron $1000+

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