Visions for Body-Mind Centering®

by Ziji Beth Goren


Introduction by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

The essence of BMC distilled in a book of

messages and b/w photos depicting principles

of center, weight, balance, organs, voice, breath,

bones, senses, evolution.

173pp, 70 photos $19.95 + 3.95 s/h

Introduction by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen: Beth has created a very full, complete image in Rapids. It is a highly personal statement with universal appeal. Rapids captures the essence of the Body-Mind Centering® work. It offers an experience, a context within which the contents of the Body-Mind Centering® work are played. Beth is able, through a photograph, to show someone the feeling of weight because she has felt it. It’s not an intellectual presentation. It’s experiential. That makes it fun. The book is spacious—you can interject or take things out or move them around and still have the image intact.

I think the photos bring out Beth’s sensitivity and intuitiveness. In Rapids, she shares her way of focusing by having focused. The choice of the photographs tells of her dimension of understanding of the BMC® material; full of depth and humor. The photographs open the readers to be freer in their interpretations of the statements. Rapids hits a chord of recognition that stretches your perception. So you laugh. Because it’s a little incongruous. That’s one of Beth’s gifts in dance, as well as in the book—the stretch to the incongruous, but always staying within the limits of what’s recognizable.

Underneath this book and the work is that there is harmony and organization in the world, in nature. Nature is consistent. As we understand ourselves, we understand nature. We understand evolution. We understand the common experience.

I recommend Rapids to all my students, although it is a work that can stand on its own. It’s universal. What’s nice about offering this book to new students is that it reaffirms the intuitive process which is at the heart of the Body-Mind Centering® approach. I’m delighted…Rapids is a unique imprint.

Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, March, 1986

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