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Sounds of Healing  with  Ziji Beth Goren

Sounds are vibrational and have the ability to permeate every cell of the body, whether organ, gland, muscle, bone or nerve. When sounds come from within, the impact is even stronger.

   We look for and attune to our family of sound,  our birth pitches, our healing sounds and personal  keynotes.   This experience is intended to be an in-depth awakening time exploring voice, movement, &  short writing  moments of our sensory

Fee: $60/50

       (P.O.Box 229 Hadley,MA.01035)  (413)253-0515 questions?

Ziji Beth Goren is a senior BMC® Teacher-Practitioner (1982) devotedly focused on
Authentic Voice-Movement. She is a founding memberof Movement Research, NYC and
the BMC® Association, currently working on Immune Rhythms, a manual/CD. Her book
RAPIDS, Visions for Body-Mind Centering® and TRIBES CD are available:



SPRING GREETINGS to those of you who love to move and sound, explore and create,
burst into short writings, deepen and expand skills.

CLICK on the photo to read more.  There are also 2 workshops, 4 hours each.

Call or email with questions. Early bird registration for series is March 31.

Wishing you warm, creative days ahead,


*Ziji Beth Goren* has devoted the past 40 years to applying voice-movement
practices to the Body-Mind Centering® foundation. Certified as
teacher-practitioner of BMC® since 1982, a founding member of Movement
Research, she is an eager solvent for world rhythms, language intones, and
tribal ways. Beth is author of RAPIDS and co-producer of TRIBES CD.

“As a teacher, Beth has shown great capacity for working with both groups
and individuals. I have seen her find new and different ways to help others
reach their potential.” – Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen


Ziji Beth Goren and Body of Sound

If you or your group wish to schedule a workshop–weekend,
daylong, or 3 hours, we’d love to be hosted!
Here’s to a mobile, somatic, and soundful spring-summer!
Please contact Beth if you wish to organize a workshop at the above or
other locations.      (413)253-0515


A BMC-Supported Somatic Approach to 5 (or more) Senses as Explored within the Bounty of Nature.

Guided by Ziji Beth Goren    request dates for your group

In this workshop, we attune to and deepen our senses and sensory awareness within a natural
outdoor setting. Vocal sound, movement, touch, and spontaneous writing are tools that assist
finding resonance within ourselves, the environment and each other. We share our creative
findings,  our new pathways, our surprises with our creative toolbox.

 Ziji Beth Goren comes from a background rich in movement, voice, touch, tribal sensibilities, and photographic skillset. She sniffs out the environments best suited to
moments of creativity and guides the circle to deepened, rooted travels. Founding Member
of BMCA and Movement Research, author of RAPIDS, Co-producer of TRIBES CD.


SPRING CLEANSE CLINIC    April 10, 2018   6:30-8:00pm
at River Valley Market, Northampton, MA. for members of RVM + community (generally each fall and spring).
Call RVM to sign up!

For both new and seasoned fasters, this cleanse is specific to toxins and the Liver-Gallbladder.
Benefits include worry-free feasting, improved digestion and energy, reduced inflammation and joint pain, and that clean feeling!

Cleanse preparation includes recipe handouts for shorter and longer versions of the Liver/GB flush, focuses on a cleansing ritual for the body’s reservoire of toxins from medications, environment, pesticides, chemicals, etc. It is a simple and highly effective approach to cleansing these major storage areas of toxins and/or cholesterol stones.

We will also address radiation release and cleansing.

The facilitator has embodied the practice twice a year for the past 37 years, inspired by the Grafs, 1980-83, and the Simple Life Health Center
at Ojo Caliente, New Mexico from  1987-1998.



Key Body-Mind Centering principles and practices and Voice-movement
applications centered around bone:

> layers of the bone in relation to sensing and density
> bone spiralling
> sounding the spine
> the voice of the bones
> skeletal-style movement

Registration: (413)253-0515
Fee: $225/200 weekend


+++   PLUS    PLUS    PLUS +++

Weekend  Foundations of Sound, Touch, Movement
Choice prompts, images, and hands-on support to access creative and
healing explorations in the vast world of sounding and moving, from
ancient to modern practices.  Explore vibration, tone, rhythms, birth
pitches, vocal-movement dynamics built on anatomical foundations.
Begin to build work individually and together.
Come as you are with your authentic voice, body stories, qualities of
movement and touch.   We will explore both outdoors and indoors.

Fee: $225-185 sliding scale based on income.
Registration: 413-253-0515

                                                                          Check for upcoming offerings

The Longer Quest for Sound, Touch, Movement
The full week allows for an expanded time that widens and deepens the
foundational work.  Some ground of experience required for intermediate work.
Please check in with the instructor.

Deepen and stretch basic tools as a jump-off point to inspired voice-movement
improvisations in solo, partner, and group exploration.  Your whole self is invited
and included.  Performers may evolve compositional work from this weeklong immersion.
Think a bit lazy, a lot of play,  in-depth explorations, lotsa moving-sounding, intention-
action aaaaand heart-soul spaces.

Fee: $450/425
Registration: 413-253-0515


The  WAY  of   BMC®

a penetrating introduction with Ziji Beth Goren

two Saturdays,     10am-1pm   check for next offering
held in Amherst, Massachusetts

Principles can be dry, so we ignite them, bring them to life with images,  sensation, and action.  When we are touched and touch another, we learn more about ourselves in relation
to the world of things and beings.  We allow whatever arises from our experience
and befriend it and ourselves.

  • Explore and embody core principles related to bones, organs, center,
    and senses both solo and with a partner
  • Tools are breath, movement, soundscapes, and hands-on experience
  • Receive your primary and secondary alignment Rx and witness choices for others

Fee: $ 65/60  single session
120/100 series of two sessions
includes copy of the book RAPIDS
Registration:  (413)253-0515 


a Body-Mind Centering® journey to Winter Balance and the Magic of  Fluids
featuring movement, breath, sound and (NEW FEATURE!)  sensory writing

Fluids are the body system that soak through membranes, move in and around vessels, snuggle organs.  In the realm of fluids, we venture inside and outside our comfortable places and we are renewed.  We explore eight fluids, gaining insight into their varied purposes and rhythms.

Fee: $ 90~75  income slide
Registration: (413)253-0515


always relaxing and rejuvenating:

MOVING from the INSIDE-OUT: Yoga and Body-Mind Centering

(check for next offering)
Explore a series of yoga poses using principles from Body-Mind Centering® that support
organs, glands, cells, fluids, and reflexes to enrich and balance your yoga practice.

This workshop focuses on the three planes of movement in relation to yoga asana
and inner support-connections for bones, organs, glands.

The practices benefit any mover, dancer, athlete, yoga practitioner/teacher, or
mind-body therapist seeking to experience:
~greater strength, flexibility, vitality
~reduced stress, deepened relation, improved alignment
~inner balance and outer reach

Nancy Paglia, M.Ed., is a Nationally Certified Massage therapist and Yoga Instructor
with 25 years experience in corporate and community settings. Nancy’s compassionate style
creates a safe and nurturing environment for students to deepen their experience of well-being.
Ziji Beth Goren, B.A., R.S.M.T., taught in the Embodied Yoga program with the School for
Body-Mind Centering in Amherst, MA.  She is a certified teacher-practitioner since 1982, and
author of the book RAPIDS, Visions for Body-Mind Centering.


** Beth is available for private sessions by appointment. 413-253-0515

Ziji Beth Goren, Classes, Body of Sound

Ziji Beth Goren has devoted the past 45 years to applying voice-movement practices
to the Body-Mind Centering® foundation.  Certified as teacher-practitioner of BMC®
since 1982, a founding member of Movement Research, she’s an eager solvent for world
rhythms, language-sounds, and tribal ways. Beth is author of RAPIDS and co-producer
of TRIBES CD. Fellowships, grants, and spirit runways support performance, research,
written works, and workshops within the U.S., Canada, Europe, and South Pacific Rim.



Join an afternoon devoted to the structure, function, movement-alignment principles,
balance in three planes, cycles of energy, organ-glandular relationships of the knee joint.
The Body-Mind Centering perspective and hands-on practices offer preventative and
gentle support for injuries, awareness for all.

The instructor has worked through her own serious injuries using this approach.

IMMUNE RHYTHMS, Voice-Movement applications with Ziji Beth Goren

The Immune System is a nomadic system which includes parts of many systems. We explore
the relationship of optimal health and sustainability within the layers of this system. Experience vibrational support, rhythmical charging, intentional shifting.

· We name and locate all immune organs and find links between them.

· We touch into three layers of bone.

· We find the connections of voice and movement to immune function.

We tap into rhythms and movements, allowing our body cells a life cycle of integrity.


Beth is also available to facilitate the following workshops:

* Balancing the Spine
* Bones and Organs: Regeneration and Function
* Balancing Digestive Organs (includes liver flush handout)
* Moving the Fluids
* Breath Functions and Possibilities
* Glandular Integrity I and II


Additional Training

** Training for dancers/companies using vocal practices, score
creation for performance
** Vocal accompaniment for performance
** Vocal Profiling

Contact: (413)253-0515    email

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