Body-Mind Centering®

The Body-Mind Centering® work offers a hands-on approach to the balance and integrity of all body systems (bones, muscles, connective tissue, organs, glands, fluids, central and autonomic nerves, cells, and the recent cutting-edge applications to the immune system and embryology).

The work explores each system in relation to supporting and initiating breathing, sensory awareness, and movement in practical and experiential unfoldings.   A session may be facilitated to include anatomical drawings and images,  guided movement with feedback, and focalized breathing-relaxation.

BMC is a participatory practice and benefits self-esteem, sensory awareness, coordination, overall balance, range of motion and expression, mental organization, memory, and physical-emotional wellbeing.

Beth’s special application within the Body-Mind Centering® work is vocal sound for healing and expression.  She offers this signature work in her private practice and in classes and workshops.  The vocal practices of vibration and toning, coupled with touch, have been  shown to be influential in the treatment of a wide range of conditions, as well as a practice for arts and performance.

“As a teacher, Beth has shown great capacity for working with both groups and individuals. I have seen her find new and different ways to help others reach their potential.”

Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Director
School for Body-Mind Centering®

A Private Session with Ziji Beth Goren


Beth Goren & client at Northampton Senior Center Clinic

Private sessions in Body-Mind Centering® are individually suited to your needs and desires. The work can take many forms. Initially, we talk to get to know one another and find the focus of our time together. This ranges anywhere from addressing current pain, chronic pain, alignment issues to specific work with any of the body systems or developmental movement. Beth draws upon imagery and insight based in anatomy/physiology, breathing and vocalization skills, movement, and mind to assist you in expanding range and understanding BMC principles while honoring what is.

The approach is gentle, resourceful, respectful, unfolding, creative, and possibly inspiring. Together, we take an active role in embracing injuries, unraveling chronic aches and pains, finding new postural and perceptual ways, growing in emotional depth. You take away tools for moving, sounding, and silent awareness that can be applied to daily life and its rhythms. The quality of life can stretch to meet your new-found sense world.

Healing Sounds and Touch Treatment developed by Ziji Beth Goren uses the traditional model of chant, rhythm, and melodies in a contemporary application to feed in resonance resting dormant in cells, tissues, fluids, organs, and glands. Beth’s 30 year background in world music and song supported by strong auditory memory serve as a foundation for spontaneous choices in the quality, texture, intensity, pitch, duration, and direction, allowing sound waves and vibratory forces to build and enliven or dissolve and neutralize energies. Coupled with skilled hands-on repatterning touch from 35 plus years of Body-Mind Centering® practices, this approach to the bodymind may effectively balance and align cellular tone to an even distribution. Many of the fourth year BMC graduates from the School for Body-Mind Centering® found this treatment to be more effective than a hands-on session in that it reaches into more layers of the body.


Responses to Healing Sounds and Touch Treatment:

Ø Vivid – Clear – Awake
Ø Awake-Awake-Awake
Ø Even-toned, soft
Ø Fun and playful
Ø Vital
Ø Hints of Ecstacy

Responses to Vibratory Sound-Movement exercise in partners:

Ø Relaxed
Ø Alert
Ø Cleansed
Ø Vibratory Spiral
Ø Cool sensation, minty surface
Ø Fullness, aware of boundary
Ø Rooted Volume
Ø Fluid in whole body
Ø Soft and low

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